Davia Rivka: Climate Change WarriorClimate Change Warrior

Davia Rivka is a writer and speaker who has been inspired to action by the momentous challenge that is climate change.

Her invitation to you: Join hundreds of thousands of other climate change warriors who are taking action for the creation of a livable planet.


Climate Change Warriors in Action

Don’t Wait Till the Well Runs Dry

Cape Town has a population of four million people. Six reservoirs, that fill from rain, provide all the water for the city and the surrounding suburbs. But it hasn’t rained since 2015. And the reservoirs are dangerously low. The city is projected to run out of water in 2019.

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Exploring Solar Panels–2

Okay, I guess we’re still talking about solar panels, cuz apparently that’s what’s on your radar right now. So cool–let’s keep talking.

I bet it’s because we want to do something in the face of climate change. But what? I suspect that people want to be proactive; not passive bystanders. But how?

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