Davia Rivka: Climate Change WarriorClimate Change Warrior

Davia Rivka is a writer and speaker who has been inspired to action by the momentous challenge that is climate change.

Her invitation to you: Join hundreds of thousands of other climate change warriors who are taking action for the creation of a livable planet.


Climate Change Warriors in Action

How Do I “Be the Change”?

You can’t get to peace through anger; sustainability through overwork; personal power through aggression.

How do you “be the change you wish to seek in the world”? I don’t know. I really don’t know. But it is what I’m here to find out.

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There Will Always Be Yapping Dogs

In the mornings, I meditate in my bedroom—actually I meditate in my bedroom closet. There is just enough room on the floor between my dresses, blouses, and hiking boots, to roll out my yoga mat, sit cross-legged on my meditation pillow and close my eyes. This morning there was a dog. A real dog outside my window, not a dog in my imagination.

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