Davia Rivka: Climate Change WarriorClimate Change Warrior

Davia Rivka is a writer and speaker who has been inspired to action by the momentous challenge that is climate change.

Her invitation to you: Join hundreds of thousands of other climate change warriors who are taking action for the creation of a livable planet.


Climate Change Warriors in Action

December Undoings

The Buddhists talk about beginner’s mind. Travelers take to the road and begin to see the most mundane things as a big adventure. New lovers move in slow motion and when they lift their heads it seems that everyone is smiling. Curiosity, wonder, and undoing make for fresh. Make for aliveness. Make for magic.

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Davia Goes to Washington

It’s been a rough year for a climate warrior. Every day, something new to set us back. So many steps backward that I’ve gone into a surreal denial, shuttling the bad news to some dark corner of my psyche.

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