Exploring Solar Panels

I think I hit a nerve with this go green conversation. Several people wrote after the last post. Some said, “Egads, I’m going in circles too, I just want someone to tell me what to do.” Others said, “Hey, I’ve got some swell ideas. Check out these links.”

So I figured, why not mash people up and get everyone talking to each other. Because, as we all know, it takes a (blogger) village.

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There Will Always Be Yapping Dogs

In the mornings, I meditate in my bedroom—actually I meditate in my bedroom closet. There is just enough room on the floor between my dresses, blouses, and hiking boots, to roll out my yoga mat, sit cross-legged on my meditation pillow and close my eyes. This morning there was a dog. A real dog outside my window, not a dog in my imagination.

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An Open Letter of Apology

I’m sorry if I’ve ever bent your ear about climate change. I’m sorry if I’ve consciously or unconsciously dismissed the important work that you are doing, thinking that you should turn your attention to climate change. I’m sorry if I’ve been arrogant, cavalier, pretentious or smug.

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