Davia Rivka: Climate Change WarriorOn A Pilgrimage 

I have been waving the climate change banner for the last ten years, through writing, speaking and collective action, afraid that if I slowed my pace, all would be lost. Now I see that I must slow down, grieve for what is lost and continue to take action even with a broken heart.

It has not been easy. I can’t do this alone. I invite you to walk with me.


Climate Change Warriors in Action

I’m such a hypocrite

I’m a compassionate, open, empathetic human being, committed to working for a world that works for everyone.  

STOP! I call bullshit. Something smells a little fishy.
The truth is, I’m only compassionate, open and empathetic if you vote the way I vote.

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I Have Work To Do

Several years ago, a dear (white) friend told me that he was exploring his own racist thoughts, beliefs and actions. I waved him away—‘that’s great, not really my cause, so glad you’re doing it.’ I used the word Cause, as though human beings were some kind of project to be assembled or a banner to be waved.

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