Davia Rivka: Climate Change WarriorOn A Pilgrimage 

I have been waving the climate change banner for the last ten years, through writing, speaking and collective action, afraid that if I slowed my pace, all would be lost. Now I see that I must slow down, grieve for what is lost and continue to take action even with a broken heart.

It has not been easy. I can’t do this alone. I invite you to walk with me.


Climate Change Warriors in Action

The Shape of Climate Grief

In the midst of my climate despair, my sister was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. When she died three months later something inside me cracked. I was all grief. I couldn’t take another climate step.

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The Weight of Hope

I wanted to wrap that young girl in my arms, hold her tight against so much uncertainty and destruction. But there was nothing I could think to say to soothe her soul, nothing that wasn’t a lie.

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