Davia Rivka: Climate Change WarriorClimate Change Warrior

Davia Rivka is a writer and speaker who has been inspired to action by the momentous challenge that is climate change.

Her invitation to you: Join hundreds of thousands of other climate change warriors who are taking action for the creation of a livable planet.


Climate Change Warriors in Action

Sign It, Jerry, Sign It!

We’re almost there, but don’t exhale yet! On August 28, the California assembly passed SB100—with the bold but achievable goal of powering California with 100% clean, carbon-free electricity by 2045. Keep up the momentum–Governor Jerry Brown still needs to sign the bill. This is politics and anything can happen. Stranger things have happened.

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Building Bridges

From September 12th to 14th, Governor Jerry Brown will convene the Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco. If the nation won’t, California will. The summit will bring together leaders of all stripes: elected, appointed, and self-defined leaders from around the world. It is intended to be a launchpad for “worldwide commitments and accelerated action from countries—supported by all sectors of society—that can put the globe on track to prevent dangerous climate change and realize the historic Paris Agreement.”

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