Davia Rivka: Climate Change WarriorClimate Change Warrior

Davia Rivka is a writer and speaker who has been inspired to action by the momentous challenge that is climate change.

Her invitation to you: Join hundreds of thousands of other climate change warriors who are taking action for the creation of a livable planet.


Climate Change Warriors in Action

Pick My Solar

But when I met Max Aram, co-founder of Pick My Solar (PMS), I started to perk up. The company (with the somewhat problematic acronym) is perfect for people like me. They don’t sell solar panels; instead, they are advocates out in the solar world on my behalf, helping me to make the choice that works best for me. There is a lot of hand-holding. And coaching. And going to bat for me. And in the end, I get to choose what works best for my particular and unique situation among the selections they’ve whittled down. Finally, I can relax!

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What Should I Do?

I call myself a ‘climate change warrior.’ I’ve been talking about and taking action around climate change for the past eight years. I know more about the science of climate change, am more familiar with dire predictions and have had more climate conversations with members of Congress from both sides of the aisle than many people—but in the end, I had nothing to say to my friend.

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