Are You There, Blog Followers? It’s Me, Davia.

I’ve been sending you love notes about climate change for three years now, in the hopes that I will inspire, empower, and move you to action.

Is it working?

Talk to me. Tell me what you’ve learned.
1. Can you explain climate change to your dentist?
2. Do you know why chocolate is on the endangered species list?
3. Do you know which Republican members of Congress are speaking up about climate change?

Talk to me. Tell me what you want to know more about.
1. Are you curious about how faith-based organizations are making their voices heard?
2. Do you wonder what a bunch of teens have up their sleeves for July?
3. Do you want to hear stories about unlikely climate partnerships?

Talk to me. Tell me what you’ve been up to.
1. Did you have a chat with your next-door neighbor about why it’s getting hotter?
2. Maybe you traded in your SUV for an EV?
3. Did you show up at a town hall meeting and ask your representative about neighborhood air pollution?

Post a love note on the comment page.
Tell me why you read the posts. Tell me how I can keep your spirits up and wake up your optimism.

And thank you. It’s good to know we’re in this together.

10 comments on “Are You There, Blog Followers? It’s Me, Davia.

  1. Davia,
    Your writing continues to inspire me with its depth, breadth, and heart. You continue to help us all find ways of making the steps in our lives to be more effective advocates and dig in deeper to really understand our neighbors, communities and larger world. Thank you for your courage and your voice!

  2. Hi Davia,
    Thanks for asking. I read every blog post. I don’t often respond, so wanted to touch base with you. I love how you take ordinary situations and use them to reflect and give meaning. I love how you tell of the challenges of being a climate advocate, while finding ways to lift our spirits and see the positive. I hope you keep the creative juices flowing as I look forward to future blogs.

  3. I’m here, too Davia, reading every blog but not always responding. Your gift to me isn’t so much in the climate change lessons as it is in your willingness to reveal your human side, The side that takes 10 minute showers, the side that shares what it’s like to challenge yourself to talk about climate change with your dentist. I love hearing about your inner struggles and lack of answers because it lets me honor my humanity and imperfections,, too.. That is what I love most about your blogs. I did get a plug in hybrid and am more than happy to credit you for that. ?

  4. I read every blog post, and there are no other blogs I care to do that with. I am moved by your vulnerability and your courage. When I hear about your struggles, and how you deal with them, it helps me deal with mine. I love how you take the subject of climate change, and expand the topic in so many directions. Sometimes it’s educational, sometimes it’s how to be a decent human being and sometimes it’s a message of hope. Thank you for standing up and being who you are.

  5. Your work is a gift and especially connected with what Ellen wrote. Thank you for continuing the conversation in a real and down to earth way!

  6. Dear Davia,
    Thank you for your inspiration that I often seem to need it to stay out of despair.

    In the climate arena I have traded in a perfectly good car for a hybrid; became vegetarian; pay to compost our food scraps; shop at the resale shop for most of my clothes; buy fair trade when I can for imported goods; changed to natural fertilizer for our grass and am trying to move toward a “prairie plants” lawn; We do not water our grass; found a place to recycle fabric that is too far gone to pass on as clothes; added a lot more vegetables into our diet; lowered the thermostat; batch driving errands and and do some meetings via Zoom; am a group leader for Citizens’ Climate Lobby; have lobbied in Washington and locally; planted a small veg. garden; have convinced others to drive an e car or hybrid; speak about being spiritual stewards to the planet; keep up a Facebook climate page; have allied with like-minded groups. Yet, there is still much more to do.

    Mary Hansen

  7. I enjoy your writing-from-the-heart approach to sharing info about climate change, and I’m glad you’re asking for feedback. It can feel so isolated when we type our thoughts and send them into the ether. I’m personally trying to replace plastic items with something else. Also trying to shift from store bought cleaning products to homemade. It’s not a big thing, but a little thing I can do to further reduce my personal footprint on the planet. If you were to explore either of those things, (plastic ban legislation, for example) that would be of interest. Keep on writing. You’re awesome.

  8. I always read your blog with interest and affection. I still remember what a change you made in my life all those years ago as my decluttering coach. I’m still messy, and I still keep far too many things, but I see now that it’s the part of me that doesn’t want to add any more waste to the planet. I try to live mindfully, knowing that all my choices have consequences.

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