Climate Change: The Conversation No One Wants to Have

PoppiesYou know it’s real. In fact, it’s the most daunting challenge ever to face humanity. But the good news is, you don’t have to be an expert, environmentalist, or even a vegan to make a difference.

I am traveling the country, talking to ordinary people, most of whom started out scared, angry, or under-informed about climate change. They felt powerless. They pointed accusing fingers. They kept quiet. They prayed that someone, somewhere would make everything all right.

At some point, each of them found a way make a difference. They learned what they wanted to know. Painlessly. They developed the skills needed to advocate and persuade. On a personal level.

Each person’s story is a journey—a warrior’s journey. It’s about people, against all odds, tucking their fear alongside their courage as they slay dragons and face down demons. It is this journey that transforms them into unlikely climate change warriors stretching beyond the limits of who they thought they could be. With their collective voice, they are turning the tide on climate change. 

Visit the Blog to read their stories. Draft off their courage. Let them catapult you into action. On behalf of yourself. On behalf of your children’s children. On behalf of the world.