Mothers Out Front: Leading the Charge for Their Kids’ Sake

I sat forward in my seat when I heard Robin Ganahl speak this weekend at a climate conference. She has a quiet, steady, purposeful presence—just what is needed in her role as community team leader for Mothers Out Front, a national advocacy organization mobilizing for a livable climate.

Mothers Out Front engages and empowers moms to work with local elected officials to make policy decisions supporting a swift and just transition to renewable energy.

The organization was birthed in Massachusetts in 2013 and there are now community team leaders in New York, Virginia and California with new teams gestating in Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, and Colorado.

Why mothers?
Here is what the website has to say:

We will do anything to protect our children. We support their healthy lives today and build a strong foundation for their future. We are the primary purchasers for our households. We vote in large numbers. We can play a central role in creating a safe world for our children.

How does it work?
Each community designs a campaign that responds to the needs of their particular community, keeping in mind the overarching goal—the swift and just transition to renewable energy. Robin joined forces with the PTA—the national conscience of the country for children and youth issues. Her team’s first action—educate the students. They wrote and performed a play at the local elementary school. That got the conversation going.

It makes sense, right? After all, moms tell stories and it is stories not the science that causes people to pay attention. Moms connect on an emotional level. Moms have big networks. Moms are credible. Moms have no other agenda.

The Boston Story
The Mothers Out Front Boston team took on the 3,000 gas leaks in the city of Boston that the utility company had no intention of fixing. Add insult to injury, the consumers were paying the bill for the leaking gas. The campaign—require the gas company to fix the leaks. 80 moms showed up in their Mothers Out Front shirts to the Boston City Council meeting. It worked!

Are you a mom or do you love children?
There’s a place for you on a team! Get in touch with Robin. She’ll make sure you’re taken care of. After all, she’s a mom.


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