Open Letter to Dr. Christine Blasey Ford

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Dear Christine,

I doubt that you will ever see this letter, but I trust my support and blessings will find their way to your heart in some form or another. Christine, thank you. This can’t be easy. I don’t imagine it was ever your intention to become a super hero, a voice for the voiceless, a woman willing to sacrifice her private life for the good of the nation.

Thank you for your courage. Thank you for your vulnerability. Thank you for your honesty. Thank you for your willingness to step forward. Thank you.

You have spoken for so many of us. Those who have been abused, dismissed, silenced or assaulted. Those who have been invisible. Those whose stories have been mocked and jeered at, whose ideas have been pushed aside. You have spoken for us.

You have galvanized us. We are telling our stories, we are using our voices, we are coming together. We may not see the fruits of your courage this week or this year, but your words have planted seeds for a future. In that future, we (the whole of everyone and everything–women, men, black, white, brown, yellow, red, gay, straight, trans, able bodied, dis-able bodied, trees, animals, plants, ocean, earth, sky—and anyone and anything I have inadvertently left out) honor one another and honor ourselves. It is a future in which we act with kindness and compassion toward ourselves and others, a future in which we do no harm.

It is a future that I want to live in. That is the seed you have planted for me. I don’t know what my path looks like, but I pray that I will be shown the way.

Thank you for breaking my heart open just a wee bit more. It is not easy to be a human being. Please accept these prayers and blessings I send to you from my heart.

I pray that you know that you are surrounded by love and that you are not alone.

I pray that you know that your courage has been a blessing for so many others.

I pray that you honor and have compassion for the woman who looks back at you from the mirror.

            With Infinite gratitude,


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