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The book proposal is done!!! I printed out all sixty-one pages just so I could fawn over it. Pick it up, cradle it in my hands, wistfully thumb through the pages and think about how many times I reworked a particular sentence. How many times I kicked the wall trying to come up with the right word, how many times I tugged at my hair or gritted my teeth when words failed me—or it may be more accurate to say, when I failed the words.

It took one year. Twelve months. Fifty-two weeks. 365 days. Hours and hours and hours, lots and lots of support, (thank you Donna and Kate), a good deal of discipline and perseverance and a larger than life commitment to slowing climate change!

For those of you who just joined in, I’m writing a book—working title, Unlikely Climate Heroes. It is a collection of stories about the personal and collective transformation of people working with Citizens’ Climate Lobby.

I’ve been working on this “project” since March, 2015. After interviewing nearly one hundred people from almost twenty states, the next step was write a book proposal. The proposal is the golden key that gets me an agent. The agent works her magic and hooks me up with a publisher, and the publisher ushers the book into the world (one step at a time, breathe).

A book proposal is a big deal—it lays out the everything of the book. Why people will buy it, how it will change the world and why you’ll never be the same after having read it. A good proposal will make an agent salivate, make her eyes bug out, get her pulse revved. She will jump up from her desk and proclaim—”the world needs to read this book and needs to read it now!” (Big times call for big dreams, right?)

All this is to say—the proposal is done!!!! And I’m taking a moment to raise my glass and pat myself on the back. Good job, Davia. Good job. And to thank my editors. First Kate, who got me going and then Donna, who raised the bar several notches!

Take a moment, raise your glass with me. Celebrate small victories. Celebrate all victories. Pause. Breathe. Then keep on keeping on.

22 comments on “Raise Your Glass

  1. Brilliant, dedicated, devoted Davia. Congratulations. I raise a glass with you and drink deeply of your deliciously delightful (I’m running out of “d” words) DEVA self. Take a break today….xoxo

  2. Hell, I’m raising an entire bottle! This is a celebration of focus, determination, studied passion, brilliant writing, desire to make a difference, listening to others, humor in tact, spaciousness to create, fortitude to the finish line (which is just a new starting line for Davia!) and love for our planet. Congratulations Davia on this milestone! So many of us are invisibly by your side in awe and loving support! Onward my friend! There are books to be sold!

    • Jeanne, I will carry your words–‘so many of us are invisibly by your side…’ Sometimes I forget and think I’m flying solo, teetering on the edge. Thanks for the reminder that I am being carried by so many.

  3. Congratulations Davia!

    What a wonderful day to celebrate, and I can’t wait to read the product of all your hard work and dedication my friend. See you in DC!

  4. How inspiring, Davia! My glass is raised high in honor of you………and your completed proposal!
    Be proud, as everyone must be……….of you!

  5. congratulations! i’m raising my glass to you/for you, (wine not water, it’s after 5pm)! wouldn’t it be more fun to raise our glasses together?! your dedication and commitment to this work is awesome! and soon enough we will be able to read your new book! hurrah!

  6. Congratulation Davia! Enjoy your accomplishment and yes I am definitly raising a glass to you !

  7. Congratulations! I have only written op-eds and LTEs, and can hardly imaging the mental and emotional effort that you put into this book. I’m so excited to read it! Thank you highlighting the fabulous people in CCL!

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