Sending Prayers to Houston. And Helicopters.

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As I read story after story about Hurricane Harvey, I find myself sobbing. I can’t stop myself—from reading or crying. Water raging down otherwise quiet streets. Cars floating away like toy boats. People trapped in their homes. Families carrying food up to the second floor—if they have food, if they have a second floor. Unanswered tweets for help. A pregnant woman trapped. A small girl on a ventilator but no power. A man in a boat floating by his street sign. Helicopter after helicopter after helicopter. And on and on and on.

I feel helpless. And I can’t quiet the screaming inside my head. This is climate change! Now will you listen??? This is climate change! I’m not some kook going off halfcocked. I’m not some tree-hugging, Birkenstock-wearing, polar bear-loving fanatic (and so what if I were??). I’m not a railer or a ranter. I’m just a gal who loves this world.

I’ve done everything I know how to do to get people to pay attention. To take action. Before we all get washed away. But somehow it hasn’t been enough. Or I haven’t said the right words. Or I haven’t used the right tone of voice. Because there are still so many people who yawn or change the subject when I talk climate change. Because there are still people who think this is my personal cause and not theirs. Because there are still people who snort and guffaw.

I feel helpless. Houston, the fourth largest city in the US, has been devastated by an unprecedented category four hurricane. People are terrified. They are without power, without food, without hope of rescue. And it feels as though I am standing idly by, watching as they drown. It feels as though there is nothing I can do.

But I remind myself that that isn’t true. I am not helpless. I can act. I am acting.

I speak up—even when it seems no one is listening. I raise my voice, knowing that at times it is swallowed by the wind. And I remind myself that the whole of Houston is not on my shoulders alone. I can only do the part that is mine to do.

And when I link arms with people across the country, around the world we can be a mighty force. We are not helpless. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

Sending prayers to Houston. And helicopters.


4 comments on “Sending Prayers to Houston. And Helicopters.

  1. Thank you Davia for your moving words and sending all your prayers for solidarity to Houston, you are with our CCL family down here in TX!

  2. Davia thank you for your words. I saw our president on the screen this morning on a press conference with Gov Abbot. What is happening is overwhelming. I live in Houston, Pearland to be precise. We are lucky here we have not been mentioned to be evacuated,but we are surrounded by water, and it is still raining. We don’t know what will happen next. Thank you for remembering us in this dire time and God bless CCL.

    • Praying in Canada too.
      In the summer of 2000 my family spent 15 days exploring Houston-Corpus Christi-San Antonio by car. We love Texas and Texans. I am so grateful for Davia’s words. They are helping me process it all. My heart goes out.

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