Sign It, Jerry, Sign It!

We’re almost there, but don’t exhale yet! On August 28, the California assembly passed SB100—with the bold but achievable goal of powering California with 100% clean, carbon-free electricity by 2045. Keep up the momentum–Governor Jerry Brown still needs to sign the bill. This is politics and anything can happen. Stranger things have happened.

This win doesn’t come out of nowhere. The CA100 coalition ( has their fingerprints all over this success. CA100 is a coalition of clean energy advocates, environmental organizations, environmental justice and equity groups, health experts, union representatives, religious leaders and many other California stakeholders. They have built significant statewide support for California’s leadership in the transition to 100 percent clean electricity. The coalition drove more than 70,000 calls, emails, postcards, petition signatures and in-person meetings with Assembly members in support of SB100.

So first of all—you’re awesome—way to make things happen! Thank you to all who jumped in! That’s a lot of names and numbers, but in the end, what it means is that you and me and everyone we know did things that weren’t sexy or heroic. We made lots of calls, had lots of conversations and we got creative. Like my sister, Judy who has been pulling teeth for the last eight years to get Jewish clergy to step forward on climate change. This is what she told me about this win:

“I think the take home is that instead of Jews having to be hot shots, we joined together with other climate activists and ALL of us made it happen. I made my little bitty part happen that was vital to the whole story, and lots of other Jews (Lee Winkleman and Rabbi Julie Saxe-Taller [running RAC-CA], Ted Obbard [running RAC-CA climate action team], Bob Kibrick [learning every detail about the politics, attending every SB100 weekly conference call, creating every spreadsheet with every synagogue]) worked really hard on their part to join with other non-Jewish organizations to make it all happen.”  

It takes a state. It takes you and me and everyone we know.

We’re on the home stretch. Don’t quit now. If you’re interested in breathable air, water to drink, trees in the mountains…if you’re interested in setting a trend for the rest of the country, tell Governor Brown to sign SB100. Take one (or more) of these actions NOW.

  1. Write to: Governor Edmund G. Brown, State Capitol, # 1173, Sacramento, CA 95814
  2. Tweet / social media – positive please- urge the Governor to sign the bill
  3. Get local VIPS/celebrities on board—tell them to get the Gov to sign the bill
  4. More earned media please – set up local press conferences to urge passage of this bill
  5. Make a 10 second video and send to Governor’s twitter account (@JerryBrownGov)

And when the Governor signs the bill, you can pat yourself on the back, throw your arms around all the other players who were in the room when California took the lead on 100% clean energy. Thank you in advance!



2 comments on “Sign It, Jerry, Sign It!

  1. Thank you for this rousing piece!! I love that you put being part of something big and widespread as the exciting part, rather than being the most visible leaders. Thanks again!

    • Agreed! Such great insight into the process behind what made this possible – thanks for leading the way California!

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