That’s my daughter Sarah in the striped shirt. No, the one with brown hair. She performed her one woman show, “Squirrel!!!” at the Hollywood Fringe Festival this month to sold out performances and standing ovations. I’m a proud mama!

The show is a comedy–well, sort of a comedy. She laughs a lot at herself: at how ADHD keeps her spinning in circles, stuck in a rut, going from dead end job to dead end job, and at how she is long on dreams and short on follow through. How she covers her pain by making people laugh. How she’s incredibly talented but can’t find her way out of bed in the morning. It’s the kind of comedy that hurts your heart.       

The show started as an idea, but that’s not new for Sarah. She’s got a million ideas about things she wants to do: horse trainer, surf instructor, actor, singer/songwriter, special effects make-up artist….the ideas last about ten minutes, and then she’s on to the next idea. But somehow, against all odds, this one stuck. She found an excellent coach/director and step by step put one foot in front of the other until there she was, standing on stage with her unfiltered mouth open delivering lines that had audiences laughing so hard they were crying.

She told her truth–her messy, raw, naked truth.

A friend of mine came up to me after one of the shows: “I had no idea Sarah struggled so much. She’s always so full of life, so animated,” she said. “I’ve been going through a hard time, but I don’t talk about it. I can’t talk about it. But when Sarah so boldly told her truth, something opened up for me. Tell her thank you,” she said. She was crying.

I was touched and surprised. I had no idea she was having a hard time. She always led with a big smile. But then again, so does Sarah.

How often do I misjudge people? I see humor and I think everything is fine, or feel anger and back away. I hear whining and I shut down. The assumptions I make about others have a cost. If I don’t take the time to go beyond the surface–to know the story–the chances of being able to find a heart connection are slim.

Does this resonate for you? How often do you misjudge people? What does that cost you? How often do people misjudge you?

Take a minute. Listen to someone else’s story. Tell someone your story. What shifts?

5 comments on “Squirrel!!!

  1. Beautiful to witness one’s Dharma unfolding! Thank you for sharing this with us. So insightful (as all your posts are!).

  2. Thanks Davia for sharing your daughter’s story and for reminding me to listen deeply to others and also to have that kind of compassion for myself as it can be very difficult to deal with all that is coming at us these days.

  3. I love this SOUL much. I haven’t been able to see Sarah perform, however I know she’s amazing. I’m finding more and more than when we live in our truth and authenticity. That are true gifts, our genius can unfold. Im so excited for Sarah that this is happening and I’m excited for all the individuals she impacting to allow their truth to shine through. Imagine how our world will heal when all begin stepping into our truth as Sarah is. Thank you Davia. Miss you guys❤️

  4. Sarah’s show was great. Not good. But great. I had heard about many of the above dreams and plans as Sarah would swear each time “no this time I’m really going to do it”. And every time Sarah would get In the way of Sarah. So when she said she was going to do this show I said like so many times “I hope you do. You are really talented.” But I had no idea how really talented she was. The show is as Davia described. Not just a biased Mom’s perspective. I don’t know where this will lead but I think someplace great!!!

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