Take Action

9 Easy Action Steps

Talking climate change

  1. Find your Member of Congress on house.gov, then visit their website to find out what are they doing about climate change.
  2. Send an email or snail mail to your MoC. Tell them why you’re concerned about climate change. In your letter thank them for an action they took. Ask your them to let you know what their next climate-action steps will be.
  3. Go to citizensclimatelobby.org. Click Take Action—choose one—join CCL, listen to the intro call, find a local chapter.
  4. Scroll to the footer and click on Laser Talks. These are powerful, two-minute speaking points on a variety of climate-change topics. Start with a basic Laser Talk. Practice saying it out loud. You’re more powerful when you can speak the issues.
  5. Select the Laser Talk on carbon fee and dividend. Carbon fee and dividend is the legislative strategy endorsed by CCL; it has bipartisan support and is an efficient way to reduce carbon in the atmosphere.
  6. Practice speaking about carbon fee and dividend to a friend, colleague, or community leader.
  7. Share these easy steps on social media!
  8. Transition your home to 100% renewable energy. Check out Arcadia Power.
  9. Switch from a internal combustion vehicle to an electric vehicle.